By: Ma. Lotuslei P. Dimagiba

Every office has encountered the hassle of tracking, compiling and restoring old files and records, which results to crowded office space, and an increase budget allocation for compartments and storage rooms.

Now, the Department of Science and Technology Region IV-A (CALABARZON) has come up with an online information system called “IMPRESSION,” an acronym for Information and Monitoring of Projects, Services and S&T Interventions.


IMPRESSION is being developed to enhance the monitoring, documentation, and management of SETUP, GIA and Roll-Out Projects and Services in DOST IV-A. And it also gives an outlook of the technology transfer operations of a DOST Regional Office.

According to Ms. Solejaena D. Herrara, Lead Developer of IMPRESSION and Project Assistant III from the Management Information Systems (MIS) of DOST IV-A, “it is like a library of data regarding the whole office except for the admin, it is for the projects and services we provide.”

A notification setting will be added to easily update the PSTC’s and concerned personnel says Ms. Herrera.

She also said it is a good way to ensure a back-up data in case any mishaps like when fire or typhoon hits the workplace.

Ms. Herrera explained that Mr. Francisco R. Barquilla III, Senior Research Specialist and Head of Planning and MIS Unit was the one who conceptualize IMPRESSION, to consolidate all the projects and services of DOST IV-A.

“One of its main features is that it acts as the central repository of all technical operations functions DOST IV-A.” says Mr.Barquilla III.

He also said that it is relevant for the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit because “it will extract a certain data and translateit into values with respect to the Major Final Outputs.”
“Usually those reports are submitted monthly.With the introduction of IMPRESSION to the operations of DOST IV-A, what will happen is that theprovincial offices will update the activities and accomplishments through the system. IMPRESSION will be the one to do the job and compute for the MFOs,” Mr.Barquilla III added.

The said online information system will be operational on the first week of February with continuous update on the system, Ms. Herrera added that there will be a users training program for all the prospect users of IMPRESSION in PSTC offices in CALABARZON.