By: Juan Carlo M. Manas

The Department of Science and Technology, Regional Office IV-A, will roll on the 5 provinces of CALABARZON carrying its aim to equip the region’s Provincial S and T Centers (PSTCs) custom-fitted strategies to address arising S&T challenges in the Department’s field of forte and to satisfy its ultimate “Boss”, the Filipino people.

Themed as “DOST Provincial Stakeholders’ Forum: Improving Lives and Transforming Communities through S&T”, the action is expected to align the quality of services the Department provides with the needs and expectations of the customers. On the 12th of February 2015, the PSTC of Batangas will present their 2014 accomplishments and drafted S&T Plan to the stakeholders, solicit feedbacks and input for the improvement of their plan and deployment of services.


“To provide better services in almost all municipalities and cities in the province of Batangas”, said by Ms. Felina Malabanan, Provincial S&T Director (PSTD) of Batangas, who is expected to discuss their innovative ways in project implementation, the province’s milestones and to introduce projects addressing specific concerns of their jurisdiction.

In an array of science and technology- based services flooding the Philippine market, the goal is to show the advantages as well as to display the competence emanating from the craftsmanship of local S&T workers who dedicate the fullest of their potentials, in line with the objective to upgrade and provide quintessential services for the people.

The provision of technology trainings, consultancy on Cleaner Production, Energy Audit, Food Safety, Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX), Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program (CAPE) and Packaging and Labelling are regular programs offered on a pro bono basis to customers from the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), academe, private and public sectors. However, Laboratory and calibration service comes with fair service charge with discounts for customers coming from the academe and government sectors.

SETUP, or the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program, is a banner platform of the DOST that arms MSMEs the capability to meet production demands, transcends business owners, and equip them with the necessary S&T interventions enabling them to firmly compete in the local and international market on equal footing with other market players. MSMEs who qualify for the provision of SETUP enjoy technical assistance and technology innovations provided by the program.

Year 2015 hurdles a lot of pressing developmental challenges. Thus, DOST-CALABARZON takes this step closer to address the needs of its customers in the most effective and competent way.

Respectively, the provinces of Cavite, Rizal, Quezon and Laguna are expected to roll-out their respective plans in the coming days ahead.