By: Juan Carlo M. Manas

Working in two different worlds, bounded by different doctrines and satisfying different markets, DOST IV-A and Ionics EMS, Inc. sits in convergence on the idea of a possible Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

November 2014, DOST-Laguna inaugurated its very own building located inside the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU), San Pablo Campus. Dr. Alexander Madrigal, Regional Director of DOST IV-A, institutionalized a plan that will have the ‘future’ knocking on today’s door, the Ideation, Design and Development (IDD) laboratory, first of its kind offered by a government agency that will operate in the island of Luzon hosting in the Provincial S&T Center of Laguna.


The concept was finally brought to life and concretized by the goals to provide a “creative hub of innovation that would facilitate product development, designing and prototyping activities”, “establish a venue for industry need-driven R&D/Floor-shop R&D”, “an outlet of advance skills trainings for OJTs and local community designers” and a “melting pot for the potential techno-preneurs.”

Moreover, this is DOST IV-A’s collective strategy to ramp up the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the region to catch up and be at par with top grossing business organizations locally and globally.

The IDD laboratory also offers workshops in 3D printing and 3D CAD Design Software (Solid Edge Design Software) to customers nationwide.


Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

With the endorsement from the Trade Attaches of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), DOST IV-A received a possible engagement with Ionics EMS, Inc.

Ionics EMS, Inc., a leading electronics services provider based in the Philippines that is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange and a prime provider of services in Product Design/Design Support, Prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI), Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)/ Flexible Circuit Board Assembly (FCBA), Box-Build/ Final Assembly, Reliability Testing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics/Reverse Logistics and a known Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) got hooked-up with the thought of fresh minds giving helpful hands on the industry.

Thus Ionics EMS, Inc. takes on the concern that practicumers lack the knowledge on modern technology and trending industry norms and practices reflecting their pre-conceived understanding imbibed by the subjects enlisted in their curriculum. This given opportunity addresses the most likely curriculum alignment and the possibility of immersion for educators for a more effective enhancement of knowledge propagation in design and innovation.

State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) of CALABARZON partially consist of the Cavite State University, Laguna State Polytechnic University, Batangas State University, University of Rizal System and the Southern Luzon State University are the potential SUC partners considering their astounding potential as producers of top graduates in the field of S&T associated degrees.

In a meeting organized by DOST IV-A at the Ionics EMS, Inc. manufacturing plant in collaboration with the SUC presidents of CALABARZON namely Dr. Divina Chavez (Pres. Cavite State University), Dr. Marita Canapi (Pres. University of Rizal System), Dr. Cecilia Gascon (Pres. Southern Luzon State University), Dr. Nestor De Vera (Pres. Laguna State Polytechnic University) and Dr. Tirso Ronquillo (Pres. Batangas State University), technical matters regarding anticipated joint venture were raised and now on the line to be addressed. A plant tour then followed bringing the view of the world-class manufacturing facility closer to the eyes
of the visitors.

“Design and innovation is a challenge not just in the private sector but also in the academic community,” “It’s about time we catch up [with other countries] and start providing these ideation services to industries.” said by Dr. Madrigal. The Ideation, Design and Development laboratory, a pioneering pace in spreading and obtaining S&T excellence in the country is now at sight, incorporated in its pocket is a brighter future for the youth and industries who are braving it all away from sprawl.