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Biogas originates from the bacteria in the process of bio-degradation of organic material under anaerobic conditions. The natural generation of biogas is an important part of biogeochemical carbon cycle. Methanogens are the last link in a chain of microorganisms, which degrade organic material and return the decomposed products to the environment. In this process biogas is generated, a source of renewable energy. In principle, all organic materials can ferment or be digested. However, only similar liquid and solid waste such as manure and urine from livestock can be processed into simple biogas digester. Methane producing anaerobic bacteria utilized the acids and completes the decomposition process.

Biogas digester is airtight to allow pressure to build up. The pressure pushes out gas and removes the solid by product called sludge. The absence of oxygen in the tank also stops harmful bacteria from multiplying.



The Resource Speaker: FERNANDO “Nanding”E. ABLAZA. The man behind the most success technology transfer efforts of DOST IV-A, initiated implementation of the project on biogas on 1994 under the Comprehensive Tech. Transfer and Commercialization Program. Nanding began transfer of the biogas technology in Rizal using the fixed dome design. The structure was patterned after that of the Indian and Chinese models. However, subsequent use of the units showed that these required some major changes. He successfully crossed the 300th barrier when he constructed the digester unit of Mr. Pedro G. Villanueva of Brgy. Dayapan, Ibaan, Batangas. Through the years, Nanding expanded the use of digester as alternative source to include other regions nationwide.


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