By: Juan Carlo Manas

State Universities and Colleges with Higher Education Institutes of CALABARZON started the move towards the empowerment of their respective institutions through strengthening the S&T backbone of their curricula and facilities.

Through the Department of Science and Technology IV-A, six (6) institutes from the academe namely, Cavite State University, Laguna State Polytechnic University, Batangas State University, University of Rizal System, Southern Luzon State University, and Malayan Colleges Laguna, conducted a benchmarking visit at the Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab) of Bohol Island State University (BISU)- Tagbiliran Campus last July 15, 16, & 17, 2015.


The Award

Tambuli Awards started year 2000. The award was conceptualized by then the Supervising Science Research Specialist and now the Regional Director of DOST CALABARZON, Dr. Alexander R. Madrigal.

The Award is signified by a musical instrument usually made from animal hide or horn. Tambuli resonates noble reverberations, most especially when worked by a good musician. During the old days, this instrument was used in celebrations, victory after war, and most importantly, in spreading good news.

DOST IV-A associates the piece to the highly-principled role of media in spreading good news and pieces of information that echoes the fine harmony of development in the country.

The conduct of recognition happens every after 5 years to pay gratitude to media practitioners in print, broadcast, and cyber whose love, passion and lives were dedicated in witnessing and echoing the voice of the country’s inequities, progress, and milestones.

Do you know that the period of infancy up to age two is a period of rapid physical growth?

lnfancy is a critical period in the health and nutrition of children since food intake should match the increased requirements for energy and protein at this age.

More than providing children with age-appropriate energy-dense complementary foods on top of continuous breastfeeding even at age six months and older, their growth should be monitored closely by health personnel.

Nowadays, “juicing” has become the trend among the fitness-focused population.

Juicing is a convenient way of infusing one’s diet with much-needed vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

It is also a great way of detoxifying the body, preventing disease and losing weight.