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Biogas originates from the bacteria in the process of bio-degradation of organic material under anaerobic conditions. The natural generation of biogas is an important part of biogeochemical carbon cycle. Methanogens are the last link in a chain of microorganisms, which degrade organic material and return the decomposed products to the environment. In this process biogas is generated, a source of renewable energy. In principle, all organic materials can ferment or be digested. However, only similar liquid and solid waste such as manure and urine from livestock can be processed into simple biogas digester. Methane producing anaerobic bacteria utilized the acids and completes the decomposition process.

Biogas digester is airtight to allow pressure to build up. The pressure pushes out gas and removes the solid by product called sludge. The absence of oxygen in the tank also stops harmful bacteria from multiplying.

 By: Ma. Lotuslei P. Dimagiba

Research and Development (R&D) has always been equated to innovation and progress, which is expected to lead in economic growth and stability. The Department of Science and Technology Region IV-A (DOST IV-A), has spearheaded the establishment of an Ideation, Design and Development Laboratory (IDD Lab) in the region.

By: Juan Carlo M. Manas

The Department of Science and Technology IV-A (DOST IV-A) proudly confirmed on Monday, April 20, 2015, another levelled-up recognition the organization acquired in 2014, in return to its unwavering pursuit in imbibing excellence in their Human Resource system, through the PRIME-HRM Accreditation Level II granted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). DOST IV-A is one of the five (5) agencies in Laguna who fit-in CSC’s bill of standards in creating archetypal touch of commitment to its internal customers, the workforce.

By: Juan Carlo M. Manas

Working in two different worlds, bounded by different doctrines and satisfying different markets, DOST IV-A and Ionics EMS, Inc. sits in convergence on the idea of a possible Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

November 2014, DOST-Laguna inaugurated its very own building located inside the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU), San Pablo Campus. Dr. Alexander Madrigal, Regional Director of DOST IV-A, institutionalized a plan that will have the ‘future’ knocking on today’s door, the Ideation, Design and Development (IDD) laboratory, first of its kind offered by a government agency that will operate in the island of Luzon hosting in the Provincial S&T Center of Laguna.

By: Sarah Hazel d.R. Maranan

The Department of Science and Technology Region IV-A (DOST IV-A) organized the Training on Supervisory Effectiveness for Improved Quality and Productivity for its employees. The two (2) day training held on January 20-21, 2015 at DOST IV-A Regional Office was in partnership with Entrepinoy Volunteers Foundation, Inc (EVFI). It was participated in by 41 DOST IV-A employees including personnel from Provincial S&T Centers (PSTCs) in CALABARZON.