By: Kat Bitao

In the past months, Department of Science and Technology CALABARZON Region has been enthusiastically entertaining visitors from all over the DOST regional offices in the country. (See Related Article: Smart Office Systems Seen to Boost Workplace Efficiency in DOST ROs) This is still with regards to the Department’s aim to harmonize the information systems being used for a more efficient and progressive DOST community.

Last August 9 – 10, 2017, DOST-CALABARZON has opened its doors again for the conduct of the Installation-Workshop on DOST-CALABARZON-Developed Information Systems. The two-day installation-workshop was attended by select staff from all over the DOST regional offices.

IMPRESSION (Information and Monitoring of Projects, Services and S&T Interventions), TRACE (Tracking, Retrieval, Archiving of Communications for Efficiency), TOMS (Travel Order Management System)/VROOM (Vehicle Reservation and Official Travel Management), HANDA (Hazard Notification Dissemination and Awareness), LGUIDS (Local Government Unit Information Dissemination System), and WATCH (Webinar and Technology Channel) were among the primary systems that were discussed and adopted by the DOST Regional offices.

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These systems’ main goal is to make a more efficient office environment through the use of Information and Communication Technology with a real time update and paperless communication. In a recent interview, Director Alexander R. Madrigal said that these systems were created as a part of the organization’s goal, to continuously achieve its Quality Policy in line with the Region’s conformance with QMS-ISO Requirements. He also said, “Through the Balanced ScoreCard of DOST-CALABARZON as an organization; learning, internal process, financial, customer focused, our information systems should always be effective in place- efficient and innovative.”

Dr. Alexander R. Madrigal

“All of these systems are prioritized as part of the plan of engagement. And so we have to engage our people because we will use the system and the benefits should be cascaded down to the customers. If the customers want to look at our project, they could easily look at the geographical location and the description. And that is the objective of why we are developing these systems.” Director Madrigal further explained.

Engr. Francis R. Barquilla, III during the Installation-Workshop on DOST-CALABARZON-Developed Information Systems last August 9, 2017 at DOST-CALABARZON Regional Office.

Engr. Francis R. Barquilla, III., Senior Science Research Specialist and Management Information System Unit Head, explained in an interview that as a system developer, he, his unit, and Director Madrigal have already envisioned that the DOST Community will adopt the systems that is why the structure of these systems are customizable.

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Director Madrigal said he envisions that through these systems, the governance, as well as the external systems, will change. “So dapat, itong mga internal systems na ito should be ready to accept the challenges and ready to be reconfigured. Yung use of analytics and sensors will further be integrated and explored. There’s a wide range of possibilities.”

Engr. Barquilla also shared that IMPRESSION took a long time to develop. While it is now being used in DOST-CALABARZON as well as other regions, there is still a continuous effort to further enhance and upgrade the system. This also applies to the other existing systems in the region. Which also makes him thankful towards his subordinates who are adept at what they do and not to forget their good work attitude. “So ang nangyayari, magaling sila sa work and maganda yung attitude na hindi sila nagiging stagnant with an innovative way of thinking. All of them have a sense of teamwork.”

In the next coming years, it would not be impossible for DOST-CALABARZON to develop more efficient and innovative systems that would further cater the needs of the customers, internal and external.