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By: Neil Adamson V. Lameyra

Handmande paper training

DOST-PSTC Rizal, together with DOST-FPRDI, aims to help and train the community with livelihood programs. These trainings may lead to the growth of the community and would help the people financially. There are several technology trainings offered by the DOST-FPRDI such as training on handmade paper. Fortunately, the raw materials for handmade paper are abundant in the coastal community of Jalajala.

Last April 5 and 6, the DOST-PSTC Rizal, in coordination with LGU Jalajala and DOST-FPRDI, held a livelihood training entitled “Training on Handmade Paper and Product Conversion” at the Old Municipal Hall of Jalajala. Mr. Fernando E. Ablaza, Provincial Director of DOST-PSTC Rizal, formally welcomed the participants while Ms. Jeniffer N. Pascual, training coordinator, gave an overview of the DOST-FPRDI.

The first resource speaker, Mr. Justino Buendia, discussed the process of making handmade paper and then demonstrated the actual making of it to the participants. To level up their training, Ms. Fe Frialde gave a demonstration of designing picture frames using the handmade paper. The participants then have a workshop on making and designing the handmade papers.

On the last day of training, the participants continued making their handmade products. These were judged by Ms. Frialde and she chose the best output among the group. Ms. Frialde also shared her inspirational story of how she started her business in handmade paper.

Mr. Ablaza and Mr. Rolando R. Pillas, Municipal Admin V and livelihood coordinator of Jalajala, each gave their closing remarks where they highlighted that the training could bring wealth and growth to the community which will eventually benefit the people.