By: Krizzia Mei C. Esperanza

All four laboratories of the Department of Science and Technology – CALABARZON (DOST-CALABARZON) received continuous accreditation based on the PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2017—the Regional Volumetric Calibration Laboratory (RVCL), the Cavite Water and Wastewater Testing Laboratory (CWWTL), the Regional Standards and Testing Laboratory (RSTL), and the Regional Metrology Laboratory (RML). The Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) granted the CWWTL accreditation on February 17, 2021, the RSTL on March 24, 2021, and the RML in Calibration on April 19, 2021. The RVCL maintains its continued accreditation granted on November 4, 2019.

The PAB Laboratory Accreditation Division assesses local laboratories on international standards, such as the ISO/IEC, if they are competent in carrying out tests, inspection, measurement, and/or calibrations. The ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 is specific to testing and calibration laboratories designed to determine if a laboratory is able to generate valid, reliable, and acceptable test results.


The RVCL, based at the Provincial Science and Technology Center in Batangas (PSTC-Batangas), offers calibration of pertroleum road tankers and other vehicle tanks, and of volumetric measuring equipment. To assure the quality of its services, the RVCL is managed by a Quality Manager, a Laboratory Head, a Calibration Officer, and a Customer Relations Officer.

The RVCL accreditation continues until November 24, 2021. Mr. Brigido K. Casanova, Jr. is granted approved signatory status in Calibration for the RVCL.


Located at the PSTC-Cavite, the CWWTL performs conventional and rapid tests of water and wastewater. Through its facilities and equipment, it is able to determine the physical, chemical and microbiological parameters of waters and wastewaters in accordance to international standards. It is managed by a Registered Chemist, and supported by a Registered Medical Technologist and two Laboratory Aides.

The CWWTL accreditation continues until July 15, 2023. Ms. Verjo Angelie C. Maristela is granted approved signatory status in Chemical Testing. Ms. Anna Marie S. Daigan and Ms. Joan Mae B. Acasio, on the other hand, are granted approved signatory status in Biological Testing.


The RSTL offers analytical testing services of water, wastewater, foods, feeds, and others such as fertilizer and hand sanitizers through its laboratory units: Chemical Laboratory (Chem Lab), Halal Verification Laboratory (HVL), and Microbiological Laboratory (Micro Lab). The Chem Lab and the HVL, operated by three Registered Chemists and four Registered Chemical Technicians, offer physico-chemical testing on food, water and other matrices and shelf-life testing of food, while the Micro Lab, operated by a Food Technologist, a Registered Microbiologist and a Biologist, offers microbiological testing for food and water. RSTL is supported by a Customer Relations Officer (CRO) and two Laboratory Aides.

The RSTL accreditation in Biological Testing continues until December 23, 2023, and its accreditation in Chemical Testing, until August 28, 2024. Ms. Jenny S. Bronburac and Ms. Shaine M. Fonacier are granted approved signatory status in Biological Testing. On the other hand, Ms. Agnes G. Morales, Ms. Norshida T. Alimoden, Ms. Jasmin C. Hamid, Ms. Maria Teresa A. Pamplona, Ms. Ma. Lorelie P. Dorado, Mr. Mark Anthony R. Rodriguez, and Ms. Renalyn D. Mendoza are granted approved signatory status in Chemical Testing.


With the aim to render internationally traceable measurements, and consequently to contribute in the fair trade of goods, the RML calibration offers services for mass, pressure, temperature, humidity, length, electrical and small volume.

The RML accreditation continues until May 21, 2023. Engr. Rogerson A. Esmeria, Engr. Mark Gilbert E. Marasigan and Mr. John June L. Paran are granted approved signatory status for the RML on the following: Masses, Weighing Devices, Pressure and Vacuum Measuring Devices, Calibration of Temperature Measurement Equipment, and Calibration of Temperature-Controlled Enclosure.

To avail of the services of the DOST-CALABARZON laboratories, for consultation and other inquiries on testing and calibration, they may be reached through the following: