Data Analytics-Ready Info Unified System (DARIUS) is a collection of mission-critical information systems which will centralize the repository and monitoring of project profile, status and reports, repayment status, S&T interventions rendered, relevant documentation and DOST ROs BSC performance that is accessible anytime and anywhere. All concerned information systems will be implemented by DOST Regional Offices and accessible by DOST Central Office staff, particularly the Office of the Secretary and Regional Operations Services (ROS). Project statistics and DOST RO scorecards will also be available to interested DOST agencies for data analytics purposes and to aid top management’s critical decisions and strategic planning. Limited project information will also be accessible by the general public.

Development and implementation of the Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS) and BSC monitoring information system (Financial,

Internal Process, Learning & Growth and Customer Perspectives) are the main focus of the project.

Bottomline, DARIUS project will improve operations management, strategic planning and decision making through enhancing data standardization, gathering, monitoring and sharing practices.

General: Development of Data Analytics-Ready Info Unified System (DARIUS) for Agile Delivery of Regional Services


  1. Establish a common platform for the DOST Regional Offices which allow easy access and updating of project information, BSC indicators and generate relevant reports.
  2. Develop an online facility for accessing/sharing relevant project and BSC indicators by DOST executives, Regional Operations Services and other interested DOST agencies for data analytics activities.
  3. Capacitate the DOST ROs in implementation and maintenance of concerned information systems.